In the times of Big Data and Internet of Things, digital security has become more significant than ever. Data-driven private giants are rapidly collecting and analysing vast amounts of personal data belonging to individuals. Every electronic device and service today has the ability to monitor its users’ activities in excruciating detail, spawning an entire industry that treats data as money. As data-driven businesses come up with new and inventive ways to monetize personal data, civil liberties such as the right to privacy are often left by the wayside.

In addition, there have been instances where cyber-attacks have compromised highly sensitive personal information on a very large scale (such as the recent ransomware attacks and the attack on Equifax that leaked social security numbers), proving that cyber-security is no longer a niche area. Increasing reliance on the Internet and smart devices is exposing people to more cyber-security threats, and the problem will only be compounded as technology permeates ever deeper into daily lives.

In this scenario, it is a cause for concern that most users remain unaware of the privacy and security risks that they face on a daily basis, or the nature and extent of damage that stands to be done in consequence. We conduct ‘Digital Security Training’ Workshops designed to raise awareness in this regard and educate attendees on the fundamentals of digital security.

Curriculum for the Workshops is available here.

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